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A rare non-musical interlude


"IF we’re going to have women in the workforce, we have to get real." To me, Mitt Romney’s big IF (plus the binder thing, et al.) was worth a $50 donation to EMILY’s List. You should make one too. Right now. In fact, if you’re willing to match my fifty bucks, send me an email at thebrightfires [at] gmail [dot] com with the receipt for your donation and a mailing address, and I’ll send you an inscribed book of mine of your choice. Right now I have 8 copies of The Gospel of Anarchy and 9 copies of Everything Here Is the Best Thing Ever. This offer stays good until there’s gender equality in the United States or I run out of books—whichever comes first.

PS - For those of you wondering, Who is this guy and what are those books he’s talking about?